How to further Customize / Modify Woo Floating Cart & Woo Quick View templates within your child theme

Woo Floating Cart & Woo Quick View can be fully customized using WordPress Customizer. However, if this is not enough and you wish to further customize the cart, well YOU CAN

The cart is divided into multiple template parts that can be easily modified by simply copying the template you wish to modify into your child theme. This way, all modifications will stay intact after updating the plugin.

Simply create a folder called woo-floating-cart / woo-quick-view within your child theme root and copy over the templates you wish to modify keeping the same structure.

The templates files are located within /public/templates

For example, let say you wish to further customize the cart header, simply copy the header.php file to your child theme under /woo-floating-cart/parts/cart/

If you wish to change the default folder path where the plugin should look for templates within your child theme, you can insert this filter within your child theme functions.php

For Woo Floating Cart

function childtheme_woo_floating_cart_templates_path($path) {
    return 'woo-floating-cart/';
add_filter( 'woo_floating_cart_template_path', 'childtheme_woo_floating_cart_templates_path' );

For Woo Quick View

function childtheme_woo_quick_view_templates_path($path) {    
    return 'woo-quick-view/';
add_filter( 'woo_quick_view_template_path', 'childtheme_woo_quick_view_templates_path' );

The path should be relative to your theme / child theme root.