How to trigger a Slick Menu from another menu ?

You can use any menu item from your other regular menus as a Slick Menu trigger.  

  1. If your theme has a primary menu location somewhere in the header, you can create a new regular menu (no need to activate it as Slick Menu) and assign it to this menu location.

    Then add a custom menu link item to it. http://d.pr/i/13nVo 
  2. Click on the Slick Menu button over the menu item and select Trigger a Slick Menu within the options and choose the Slick Menu you would like to trigger. http://d.pr/i/166Rp 

  3. Make sure to disable the hamburger within the global settings since you wont need it.

  4. You will need to enable a custom close button within the slick menu. http://d.pr/i/RW4c