Good News - Multi-Niche Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme

What is the best way to install the theme or update it to a newer version?

Note: In case of an update. Before updating the theme, make sure you are using our child theme. Any file modifications made to the parent theme will be lost after the upgrade.

Note: The theme requires 256MB of php memory_limit to function properly.

1) Envato Market Plugin

The easiest way and recommended way to update the theme is to activate the prepackaged Envato Market plugin. 

Install / Activate the plugin from within tuhe Appearance / Extensions menu:

You will need to create an Envato Token

Make sure to set these permissions:

Then paste the token within the plugin settings:

Now you will be able to see all your Envato Purchases from your wordpress dashboard and easily install or update them

2) Manual Wordpress Upload

Note: Make sure your php upload limit is above 16MB or else it wont work

Upload the theme within the Appearance / Themes menu.

In case of an update, you first need to delete the old version of the theme (parent only) Then upload the new one.

3) Manual FTP Upload

  1. Extract the zipped theme file that you have previously downloaded.
  2. Using an FTP client (Filezilla, WinSCP, Cyberduck) to access your host web server.
  3. Upload the theme folder to the wp-content/themes directory provided by WordPress.

After Installation / Update

it's recommended to save your theme panel to force CSS compilation and apply new changes.